Zodiac Signs as Lana Del Rey Songs


Aries: “Off to the Races”
Taurus: “Old Money”
Gemini: “Ride”
Cancer: “Blue Jeans”
Leo: “Summertime Sadness”
Virgo: “Summer Wine”
Libra: “National Anthem”
Scorpio: “Black Beauty”
Sagittarius: “Cruel World”
Capricorn: “Shades of Cool”
Aquarius: “Brooklyn Baby”
Pisces: “Ultraviolence”

I freakin hate summertime sadness..



I was thinking of asking for the Whispers of Love oracle cards with Josephine Walls artwork or the Shadowscapes tarot for my birthday. I’d love to own either of those. It’d be neat too cause my bf got me Thot’s tarot deck last year on my birthday. 

The shadowscapes deck is one of my favorites. The cardstock is less than stellar though. I love Josephine Wall. I currently use one that is called mystic dreamer and the artwork is beautiful.